24hrs4cf Warrior Games


Following on from his 24 hour challenge in 2017, Josh is returning - this time in a team of 4, along with other teams looking to take home the trophy for the first CF Warrior Games.
The Games will begin at 12pm on Friday the 29th June and finish at 12pm the following day. Points will be awarded per exercise for each team, and the exercises will rotate in 20 minute intervals - individual team members will take it in turns to complete 20 minutes of exercise. The order each team member will compete must be submitted before the event, and the order of the exercises will be announced one hour before the start of the event.
We have demonstration videos of some of the exercises to make clear exactly what one rep of each exercise is, and what the adjudicators will be looking for. The officials’ decision on whether a rep has been completed will be final. These officials will submit scores at the end of each 20 minute interval, and teams will be awarded points based on the amount of exercise completed.

The Exercises


You'll need to get those legs pumping if you want to make the top spot

Weight Lifting

You can use different methods and muscle groups - just make sure every rep is a full rep



How far can YOU run in 20 minutes? Let's find out!


Just pretend you're on a river with beautiful scenery all around you...it might help

air squats

Air Squats

Part of the Circuit - We'll be looking for full extension of the legs on the way up, and at least a 90 degree bend in the knee on the way down

Sit ups

Sit Ups

Part of the Circuit - Your elbows will need to pass your knees, and your upper back will need to touch the floor to make every rep count

Tyre Flipping

The Tyre Flip

How many tyres you flip will be up to you. Is it all in the mind? Or have you just not trained hard enough

release press up

Release Press Ups

Part of the Circuit - Your body needs to touch the floor unsupported by your arms to complete each rep - check out the demo video to see how it's done

cross training

Cross Training

Minutes can feel like hours on this machine - especially in the middle of the night with no sleep in sight



Designed to get your whole body burning - from your legs to your lungs - let's see what you've got! Check the demo video for the exact method



If you're looking for your next BIG challenge then look no further than the 24hrs4cf Warrior Games 2018. This will push you to your absolute limit but still leave you wanting more.

Sign up today and as part of your registration fee you'll get tickets to the 24hrs4cf Annual Dinner on 30th June 2018.